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Lecture 7: the Other life March 25, 2009

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The seventh lecture, of the 14th March (I hope to catch up with myself and pretentiously post the final lecture on its 25th anniversary) takes us from the Cynic transformation of the philosophical understandings of the true life up to a mode of being that is beginning to resemble early Christian asceticism on a great number of points. That is where my interest in Foucault started, and so the points are more obvious (and perhaps contrived) to me, but he outlines these resemblances and transformations in the final lecture so everyone’s clear about it. So we start the lecture with a philosophical account of Cynicism and end it with an examination of Cynic humiliation/humility. (more…)

Face in the tree December 5, 2007

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OK, I’ve heard of finding the face of Jesus in soup, trees, ultrasounds, and clouds. But I reckon some Radically Orthodox devotee must have got decidedly over-pious when finding the face of John Milbank in his/her porridge one morning. Surely that’s the origin of the motif in this poster: