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Lecture 5: Arts of Existence March 18, 2009

Posted by Andy in Foucault, Le Courage de la Vérité.
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Foucault’s fifth lecture is an excellent example of how surprising it can be to read his stuff. There are three parts to it: first he wraps up Laches, then he introduces Cynic philosophy, and finally sketches out some of the ways this school can be detected in European history. It’s surprising because it involves discussion of Gregory of Nazianzen, the aesthetics of existence, Paul Tillich, the modern revolutionary, Dostoevsky, Christian spirituality and suicide bombers. (more…)

Revolting Theology October 29, 2007

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I get depressed when I hear radical theologians. It’s not that I think they’re fundamentally wrong, or want to criticise their anger and frustration. I just get depressed at how very few ways of thinking they can resort to.