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The Critique of Institutions September 18, 2010

Posted by Andy in Foucault, pedagogics, philosophy.
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The popular, textbook version of Kant’s ethical thought often goes as follows: morality is doing one’s duty, and doing one’s duty amounts to following good rules of behaviour. Good moral rules are not the same as good prudent rules in that they are not slave to some other function, they are good in themselves. Good rules are also good for everyone. So to solve a moral problem, you have to make up a good rule, see if it can be universalised and retain its logic, and then follow it. (more…)


More Pedagogy October 31, 2008

Posted by Andy in Idea History, pedagogics, philosophy.
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The past couple of days I’ve been reading up on Kant and sorting my life out a bit. I’ve discovered that both Mill’s Utilitarianism and Kant’s second Critique on Librivox, so that makes good preparation and teaching tools. (more…)