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Syllabus and Liberation Theology October 28, 2009

Posted by Andy in liberation theology, theology.

I’ve been given responsibility for a class next semester in Intercontextual Theology that is to prepare MA students for writing their thesis. The course is primarily for international students (in this semester, students from Tanzania, Ghana, Poland, Ethiopia and Norway), and the thesis usually includes a short stay in the student’s home country, during which time they may collect data or something like that.

My question is: what kind of literature should I give them to read? The course should result in a thesis proposal but nothing more. The program in general covers liberation theology, inculturation theology, feminist theology, postcolonial theology and that branch of the discipline. It should be methodical, and should prepare them for taking their first steps into research.

My thoughts so far have included:

Boff, Introduction to Liberation Theology.

Tanner, Theories of Culture.

Something by Sugirtharajah

Maybe some sections of Said’s Orientalism (with a thought to the fact that they will be engaging in data collection).

A chapter or two by de Certeau.

“Can the Subaltern speak?” by Spivak.

But to be honest, I don’t know Tanner’s work very well, and feel a little out of my depth. Any suggestions would be very welcome. They will have already read these books from this course that I am teaching at the moment. So no repetitions. Otherwise, the options are many.


God, Vision, and Power May 19, 2008

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Well, my article on George Berkeley’s Theological colonial thought is now publised in Studia Theologica. I’ve been working on it for far too long now and have begun to disagree with myself so it’s probably just as well it’s published now. This actually went in as an annual review thing once, but in a completely different form.

As one that has verged on Foucault fundamentalism, I’m proud how little the French guy gets a word in on this.

The Grandeur of Reason: Conference April 8, 2008

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The Call for papers is now out for this conference which looks rather exciting:

1-4th September

I am assured that women are also welcome, but obviously shouldn’t expect to be attributed any significant role. It is still a little uncertain what these speakers will have to say in response to the pope’s (in-)famous Regensburg address, but if they do respond to it (as the papers are meant to), then it should be an extremely exciting conference.

The call for papers is interesting and thought provoking, and since I am currently considering contributing something to it, I hope to suggest some inroads to the topic over the next few weeks. Any comments, suggestions, or sneak peaks of what you might say should you give a paper on the call, would be welcome.

If nothing else, it should turn out to be a great social event for friends and associates of the Centre of Philosophy and Theology! And hey, the poster’s pretty.