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Mill and Biblical Ethics November 18, 2008

Posted by Andy in Idea History, pedagogics, philosophy, theology.
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Ok, here comes my powerpoint presentation for Wednesday the 19th November, both in powerpoint and in pdf formats. Of course, it’s all in Norwegian…


1. Jeff Olsen Biebighauser - November 18, 2008

…You weren’t kidding.

Sounds interesting though. I can only imagine that you’re arguing an equivalence between the two?

2. threescore - November 18, 2008

Can’t comment on the Norwegian, but the first powerpoint felt better than the second. The reason – slide animations. There is an etiquette to this, and it involves using one, simple animation per page and ideally ‘appear’ rather than anything moving. Even university classes will have group members who are visual learners and who get distracted by style over content. They are usually too embarrassed to say so.

That’s enough teaching advice for one evening – my printing has finished. All the best with the long lectures, and take lots to drink with you : )

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