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Pedagogical Log October 29, 2008

Posted by Andy in pedagogics.
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Well, now I’ve handed in the thesis, I’m practising teaching. I’ve got some ethics in a couple weeks and some New Testament after that. So I’m keeping tags on my progress towards it and am open to tips!

Today I met with my two supervisors, who were really nice. After a couple months of studying pedagogics I was ready to offer a varied, exciting, and engaging class. Both supervisors pretty much told me that they just lecture. One of them with powerpoint, one of them without. But they’re eager to let me do what I want, and feel a little guilty about their cynicism and resistance to modern technology and pedagogics: one of them even appealed to Chesterton to justify his old-fashioned style!

The same day I went to the technical department, and sorted out a way to put out my lectures as powerpoint/sound files that can be downloaded to mp3 players and computers. They pointed out how much more useful this was than word files, particularly for dyslexic students (how come that word is so hard to spell?).

We also discussed the challenges of teaching such a lot in so little time. I have four 3hour sessions for the entire field of ethics, and three 3hour sessions for the entire New Testament (general, Jesus, Paul). I guess I’ll come back to the individual sections later. I received lecture notes on the NT stuff. We discovered there’s NO PAUL on the reading list! Which should be a challenge.

Toying with the idea of giving them 30 minutes to read Galatians at the start of the Paul sesh. They can disappear into the cantine or listen to it in the lecture room on spoken word. More later.

So the teaching plan is as follows:

  • Thursday 13th November: Ethics – Mill and Kant
  • Wednesday 19th November: Ethics – Mill, Kant, biblical
  • Thursday 20th November (am): Ethics – Buber, Levinas, Løgstrup
  • Thursday 20th November (pm): Introduction to the New Testament
  • Wednesday 26th November: Jesus
  • Thursday 27th November: Paul.

I’ve adjusted my reading list (to the right of this page) accordingly. Any further suggestions? Thinking I might revisit Badiou before teaching Levinas &co.


1. michaeloneillburns - November 1, 2008

This looks good. What is the context of the teaching? University level?

Also, I think reading Badiou will be helpful in exemplifying the recent post-Levinasian turn in continental ethics.

glad to see you blogging again!

2. augustinian - November 3, 2008

It’s teaching training undergraduates. So whilst Badiou will clear my own thoughts in a hopelessly pro-Levinasian context, I don’t know how much I’ll bring it in. It is one of the more accessible of his works though, as I remember.

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