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Book Line January 31, 2008

Posted by Andy in philosophy, techniques, theology.
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I’ve just put a new feature on the blog: the book line. It shows what I’ve been reading recently and what I’m about to start reading. If I can be bothered soon, I might even put in their proper titles or format it or something. The one in bold is the one I’m on at the moment, and the titles before that are what I have recently finished. So the bold font should go progressively down the line, and the order will probably change, as I put off reading the big thick volumes longer and longer.

It’s meant to alternate between modern and old stuff, according to my thesis needs (at the moment I need more modern than old, as much of the research is now in the past, so Lossky counts as old). And I’ll be adding to it as I think of things and as my library manages to get hold of obscure titles.

In theory, this is so people can see what I’m reading and suggest stuff that is interesting in that regard. But really it’s just a way of increasing the sense of achievement when I finish a book. Sad, isn’t it?


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