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The Legacy January 28, 2008

Posted by Andy in theology.
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I’ve been thinking dark thoughts in January. This is because it’s dark here, so it’s difficult to avoid.

It’s also because I’ve been reading the obituaries in the Church Times lately. In the past year, we’ve lost lots of people:

  • Daniel Hardy
  • Thomas Torrance
  • Charlie Moule
  • John Macquarrie
  • my Granddad, Gordon Thomas

And it got me thinking: how on earth do we make up for losses like that to the world of Theology? It’s difficult to see how we can fill their shoes or do what they did for the church.

If I’m starting off my career as a theologian now, I guess I’ll have to do so without looking forward to the chance to meet one of these people over a beer and pick their brains. All the things I don’t get, I’m going to have to work out on my own or with some of their survivors. But 2007 dealt us a crippling blow. It makes me want to find all the old theologians that are still around and sit at their feet for a bit.

So, where exactly do C K Barrett, Peter Brown, Denys Turner and Nicholas Lash live, anyway?


1. jeff biebighauser - January 30, 2008

Peter Brown is in Princeton, New Jersey; Denys Turner is in New Haven, Connecticut (although he might spend time at Cambridge too).

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